RSC y sostenibilidad ESG

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the workplace.

Built on Purpose, Strategy & Values

The RC Philanthropic Foundation

We’re committed to being there with the support you need when you need it. Through our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), we work closely with charitable organisations to make an impact around the world. Through charitable contribution and personal mentorship, we seek to be a positive disruptive force in our local community as well as globally.

Institute for Inclusion

Diversity is an Opportunity

We are especially committed to providing opportunities to people from disadvantaged backgrounds through a series of in-house programs. This is aimed at improving financial literacy and fostering interest in the financial markets, particularly among young people. Our efforts remain in line with the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a strong focus on the provision of access to education and reduction of poverty.

Trust and Transparency; Today & Beyond

ESG & Sustainability Assurance

We strives to incorporate best practices in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues. To this end, we work closely with relevant partners with a view to design and implement responsible investing strategies in our portfolios, upholding the highest levels of integrity.

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